Horoscope Of The Day (30/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


On one hand, there’s that fairy tale romance. On the other, fear. What are the subconscious patterns that are emerging here? Are you guilty of creating problems where there are none? Your daily mantra: I am deserving of love.



Life is not always a straight road, but how you respond to it makes all the difference. Keep that smile handy. Your bright-as-the-sunshine disposition gets you through every trial.



Ambition looks sexy on you. What makes you the most coveted person in the workplace is your drive. The fast and furious way in which you get stuff done. This energy is likely to super potent opportunities your way.



Your peers may not provide you the kind of support you provide them. They might not even look at things from your perspective. But you have to take a stance for yourself. Stand up for the truth even if you are standing alone.



With a social life as colorful as yours, it is mandatory to hit the reset the button every now and then. Say yes to an afternoon of eat-pray-love or spend the day at your local spa. The only person allowed inside your sacred space (other than the masseuse) is Mr. Lova Lova.



The word happy precedes endings for a reason. This is the starting point of a new adventure. A new you. Don’t resist the change.



Self-doubt and self-sabotaging patterns rear their ugly head. You can either choose to stay in a toxic situation or make life-altering changes. Remember that chaos precedes the calm.



You’re making a conscious decision to delete two words from your dictionary: fear and inhibition. The new you is fearless in every way. The cosmos respond to your vibrations by making life one hell of an adventure.



Black sheep? Nay! You’re pride yourself on being the psychedelic sheep of the tribe. Embrace your weird and wonderful ideas. Let them marinate inside you. Soon you’ll be ready to share your gifts with the world.



The fact that you have gotten this far unscathed is a testimony of your resilience. Remember the Universe will never give you more challenges than you can handle. Tap into that reservoir of limitless strength. This is the last leg of war.



You may find yourself in the midst of a huge transition. So what if you don’t know where the road leads to? You trust the process. A woman in your life cheers you on and provides just the emotional support you need in a vulnerable moment.



The best thing about your life is that it never ceases to be an adventure. Before you’ve had a moment to stop and breathe, it decides to hit the accelerator. A man in your life provides you with the necessary support you need to get under way.