Horoscope Of the Day (28/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Want to perfect that hip isolation or learn to scuba dive like a pro? This is a potent time to hit the books or sharpen the skills. Do you feel a mentor will help you take things to the next level? Seek and you shall find!



Hello, multi tasking maven! Nobody doubts your ability to do it all. With so much creative energy bursting forth, there's only one way to get the game right. Make discipline your go to.



Stuck in an 'inconvenient' problem? Your key to the world: creative solutions. Allow yourself to think out of the box. Nothing is too 'unusual' if it gets you tide effortlessly over troubled waters.



When the Universe decides to test you, the most mundane task seems monumental. This is when you question your purpose here. Your very belief system. Wear courage like an armor. No force in the world can deter you from your chosen path. 



Sometimes it's not just about what you're offering, but how you're offering it to the world. The right kind of publicity is everything. Don't play it down!



You know the kind of friends with you can be yourself without having to wear any kind of mask? Ease into the comfort and familiarity today. Your loved ones make you realize the enormous healing capacity of love.



How people treat you is a good indicator of how they treat themselves. This has little to do with you. For the friends who've been 'less than perfect' to you, forgive and forget. You know better than to hold onto to grief that is not yours.



When you feel like the world is working against you, don't bother justifying your cause. Instead, focus on creating the masterpiece you have set out to. Your secret to winning at life: Actions, not words. 



Love and nurture. The secret to your Universe. It's how you get the best out everything and everyone, whether it's a project you're working on or your loved ones. Your presence reminds people of the goodness of the world.



Dealing with a déjà vu situation? There's a reasoning pattern repeat them. While you cannot change the circumstances, you can certainly change the results. Learn the hard-hitting lessons you need to. 



The first step is usually the most daunting one, but it's the one that promises to change the game. Do you believe this is way forward? Embrace courage, wild one!



There is nothing you cannot do. If you feel bound by the certain situation, remember the prison is but self-imposed. You can free yourself this second if you choose to.