Horoscope Of The Day (27/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


What is your relationship with responsibility? Your new mantra: do your bit, but don’t take sh*t from anybody. Being super efficient means people end up dumping their responsibilities on you. Take a stance for yourself this time ‘round.


Did you feel creative chemistry? The new opportunity on the horizon has blow-your-mind potential as far as far as self-exploration is concerned. Plus, it promises to bring you closer to people who are just as passionate as your are.


One step forward, ten step backwards. As your heart opens up to somebody, fear rears its ugly head. Let down by the one you loved? You know better than to project this feeling onto your new love.


What is love if not unbridled passion? After a long time, you feel something stir deep within your soul. Where (and who) is it leading you to? There’s a magical union waiting to happen here.


Being able to love like a child despite your scars is truly a superpower. Hold your loved ones close. Give them a glimpse in your heart.


There’s a reason you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty or doing all the hard work. The road you’re paving for yourself leads to a landmark success. Use this time sharpen your skills.


Did you feel the creative sparks? Today brings with itself the opportunity to work with kindred spirits such as yourself. What are you passionate about, darling? Painting murals with a social message or starting a blog that highlights local recipes. Seek and you shall find!


Love is always the secret ingredient. Fighting for a cause with no avail? Don’t make this a ‘conflict’ situation, especially if your family or loved ones are involved. There’s nothing that cannot be resolved with love and communication.


Love and hate. Hate and love. No hate in the world that cannot be resolved by love. Instead of ‘fighting for your cause’, use the goodness of your heart to negotiate.



You know the kind of conversation in which everybody is talking but nobody is listening? Funny, considering you’re all working towards a common goal. Time to put your peaceful warrior pants on and knock some sense into those around.


The world: also known as your oyster. Wish to create a beautiful life for yourself? Be willing to cut a few corners. You know that in the end, it will all be worth it.


Trying to work with an ex on a business project or including them in the circle where you met your new love interest? Just ensure you’re both feeling to deal with the emotional overwhelm that comes from this situation.