Horoscope Of The Day (22/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


You speak the language of passion, whether it’s in the bedroom or boardroom. Feeling fired up about your work helps you deliver your 100%. What’s more? You have that Midas’ touch working for you. Now that’s a real hot recipe for success.



Are you delaying the process of decision-making? Are you preventing yourself from seeing reality as it is? Befriend honesty. Be real with yourself about what you wish to see in your reality. Then, be willing to make the required changes, no matter how daunting they may seem.



All the world’s a stage, Gemini! What is the role you’d like to play? There’s a part of your soul that’s yearning to put your skills on display. Sing, dance, roll on the floor, create an artwork out of nothing, or indulge the world in magic tricks. Whatever you do, don’t hold back!



Our inner reality creates our outer reality. The love in your heart lights up every corner of every space you’re a part. Home is more than a physical space. It’s feeling, you realize.



It’s not that you haven’t seen the dark night, it’s just that you believe far too much in the light. And so it enters your reality and transforms everything around you. P.S. Spread the good vibes.



The ability to hold space for another person’s emotions is a truly a strength. Empower the disempowered. Show the light to those who are losing hope.



Be grateful for the vessel that supports you as you make your way through life. Don’t you think it’s time to support that vessel in return? Give your body the downtime it deserves. It is only by refueling ourselves that we can give our best to the world.



The only thing standing between you and where you want to be is a sense of insane belief. Breathe out the bullsh*t, breathe in the power. Remind yourself that you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to. Then set out on your mission to save the world!



Dress to impress, baby! Let the big guns know what you’re made of. Playing your cards right and you’ll end up bagging just the opportunity you’re eyeing at work. Know that your actions should match your words.



Everybody we meet knows something we do not. Keeping an open mindset will let you connect with somebody who helps you with a new skill set or art form. What you offer them in return could help change their life for the better.



Inner peace. Also known as your superpower. You have seen way too many upheavals to be disturbed by minor turbulence. You know that ‘the forces’ will get you through this one.



Recipe for success: backing your creative mastery with a kick*ss business sense. What ‘looks’ good may not necessarily garner the profits you desire. Put your money where you will get your money’s worth.