Horoscope Of The Day (19/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Do you remember how the light filtered in after the darkest hour in your life? Luck has a way of working in your favor if only you allow it. Let go of self-limiting beliefs in all departments of your life. Call upon the divine forces to help make the changes you want to see in your world.



There’s no point investing in a ‘physical relationship’ when your heart is seeking something deeper connect. Spell your needs out first to yourself and then your partner. Honesty is the key to building better relationships.



Befriend solitude. Retreat into your sanctuary. Your happy space. Do all the things that bring a smile on your face. Time has a way of magically healing all wounds.



With a buffet spread of talents like yours, it would be blasphemous not to create magic in the world. Learn a new skill set. Dedicate yourself to the expression of an art form. You transmute all ho-hum into the creative fire and create a masterpiece in the process. Win!



You may feel like you’re dealing with way more responsibility than your equipped to. The solution: going from system overload to system reboot. Rethink your strategy. Adopting a methodical approach will help you increase productivity and achieve far greater results.


Re-valuate your relationship with the division of labour and responsibility. Are you having to do more than you signed up for? Don’t be afraid to demand your worth, Virgo! And have the courage to say ‘no’ to the things that don’t feel right in your soul.



Your attitude towards relationships undergoes a drastic shift. If and when you open your heart to someone, it’s got to be for the long haul. Don’t be afraid to broach the topic even if commitment is a thing of the future.



When you feel 100% committed to the cause, being around people who are less involved than you are is never a good feeling. Given the current scenario, you run the risk of singling yourself out. Find a peaceful way to get everybody involved.



You know the kind of conversation in which everybody is talking but nobody is listening? Given the pace of things, people around are likely to hit the panic button and push their way around. Choose the path of the peaceful warrior. If you can’t slow things down, you can certainly find a more mindful way of moving about.



Ready to say ‘I do?’ Those in love are ready to give commitment a serious thought. It’s time to build a beautiful future together. The committed crew may think about synching their energies in a different way. How about painting a wall together.



Ah, projections! When a person we love, lets us down, we start projecting that pain onto others. Be aware of this pattern. Don’t let it deter you from loving the ones who are worthy of your love.



Conflict is always synonymous with discomfort, but you’re ready to look it in the eye. Venture into the past. The very incident that lead to this disturbance. It’s the best way to make amends in the now.