Horoscope Of The Day (18/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


It's time to change the game plan. Where do you see your business 5 years from now? Creative collaborations may be the secret to adding a new dimension to your work. Seek the services of those who feel aligned with your goals.



It's all about venturing into the past to deal with the present. That's where the root of the problem lies. What is the source of this disappointment and distrust? You or the person you are odds with taking the first step towards resolving it.



Not everything is as it appears. Allow yourself to see the truth. About the people around you and the situations you have found yourself in. You face certain truths about yourself in the bargain. Have the courage to admit where you have been wrong.



Situations bringing you down, down, down? Sometimes the best thing you can do is to walk away from a toxic person or situation. Stand in your power.



In order to give our best to the relationship, we must be willing to work on ourselves first. You're willing to put in whatever it takes to be the version of you.



Want to take the biz or project at hand to the next level? Respect those who are a part of the process. Varying opinions may lead to conflict. Beware: this will stall the process further.



Dream big. Dream bold. The calling to expand your empire gets stronger. Break free from your own limitations. Think beyond. And yes, that include opportunities abroad. Hard work? That's a given. Nothing you seem to be afraid of.



Let others in on your way. How else would they know what you're going through? Know that you don't have to deal with the troubled waters alone.



Patience and perseverance. Make that your go-to as you build the empire you're trying to build. Success and abundance will be yours in the long run.



There comes a point in every artist's life when they need to retreat into the silence to dedicate themselves to creating their art. What is this beautiful project that wants to be expressed through you? The board outside your studio read: World, hold on!



When trying to create an artistic synergy, recruit partners-in-crime who like you honor their inner child. Creativity lies in playfulness. The magic that transpires in the space has the potential to touch the world.



A broken heart. Also, know as the best fuel for creativity. Feeling let down by someone you love? Don't mull over the pain. Turn it into a masterpiece instead. It's what the best revenge plans are made from.