Horoscope Of The Day (16/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Walking away seems like a daunting task, especially since you have been building towards this future for so long. But walking away is also the secret to new found happiness. You already have the courage to make that move.



Courage. Your superpower. So yes to the opportunity that’s knocking at your door. It promises to be every bit the adventure you imagine it to be. Trust me, your life will never look the same.



Are you back to where you started from? Take a moment to center yourself. Often we repeat patterns on loop until we learn the hard-hitting lessons we are meant to. Accept the truth that is being revealed to you.



You are loved, protected, and taken care of. Don’t isolate yourself. Your loved ones may or may not understand the depth of your pain, but know that they are here to hold your hand through it.



It’s no secret that you make a fabulous first impression. But what transpires after is more important. Tap into your people skills. Woo, the big guys. And manifest big time opportunities for growth.



Repeat after me: I can have it all. Do sensual pleasures bring you great joy? Do you like indulging yourself once in awhile. Then, drop the guilt that comes with it. Allow yourself to enjoy the gifts that come with being a part of the world.



The secret to your Universe: you’ve learned to align passion with profession. Contrary to the people around you, you wake up excited about hitting your work station and getting sh*t done. Because you’re so good at getting sh*t done! Continue to seek opportunities that let you express your weird and wonderful self.



It does not have you have never felt defeated by circumstances, it’s just that you have learned that you are above them. You manifest your own reality. You create your own destiny. And today, you choose peace, love, freedom and harmony.



brings with itself joyous tidings on the personal front. If you have been feeling at odds with a certain someone in your circle, it’s time to kiss and make-up.


Let go of that which holds you back from living queen size. You’re stepping into a creatively potent time. Focus on birthing the beautiful project that is waiting to expressed through you.



There’s a fine line between saving and hoarding. Are you guilty of the later? There’s a karmic lesson in here for you. Let go of any unhealthy beliefs as far as money is concerned.



Statutory warning: testing times ahead. How committed are you to your cause? Do you believe in your gifts? Challenges within and without threaten to throw you off course. Hold tightly onto the reigns.