Horoscope Of The Day (15/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


With that fire burning inside you, you are invincible. You are the storm. You feel more aligned with your mission than ever before. And you know that you were meant to crate magic in the world.



If you raise your voice today, ensure it’s for a worthwhile cause. Your coworkers may not share your ideals. Find a peaceful way to navigate the situation. Let go of this need to win at all costs.



Experiencing a serious case of soul loss? Collecting the broken pieces of your heart? Your sensitivity makes you not weak, but infinitely strong. Every person we encounter comes into our life for a reason. Every experience, both joyous and painful, brings us closer to realisation. Accept the role of this pain as a divinely transformative experience. As you do, lay your trust in the higher powers, knowing that the good you have done will come back to you.



Your vision, now a reality! Today marks a turning point in your life. Something you have been building upon for the past few years reaches a stage of completion bringing. It brings in the fame, success and prosperity you deserve. Celebrate with those who’ve been a part of the journey.



Cosmic reality check. You finally start to see things as they are. Relationships as they are. The ones that have survived the test of time are the solid ones. You know better than to invest in those who has been non-committal towards your growth.



There’s something about friend have known you since the beginning of time. As you go through life-changing revelations, it helps to know  that they will always be there for you.



Be aware of your karmic footprint. Your role in the community and the society of which you are a part. Do your bit to serve it well.



The eureka moment you have been waiting for! The cloud of self-doubt and disclarity dissipate. You feel more aligned with your purpose than you have before. What’s next? Goal setting. You’re ready to play your part in this world fearlessly.



Faith. That inexplicable life force that keep us alive through the most testing of time. Your circumstances, no matter how tricky, cannot shake the ground beneath your feet. You deepen your faith in the higher powers that have got your back no matter what.



You feel the urge to take a pregnant pause in an otherwise busy schedule. The warrior must stop to breathe, refuel and re-energise in order to win the war.



Embrace the ebb, like you would the flow. How terribly boring would life be if it didn’t come with it’s share of challenges. Use this time for self-love and self-reflection.



Ready to write a long-standing affair with success? All the opportunities in the realm of work are leading you there.