Horoscope Of The Day (14/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Sugar coating. Not your forte. If you feel at odds with people around you, don’t be afraid to spell out your thoughts as they are. Remember there’s a fine line between stating the facts and taking the accusatory approach.



You are not who you were yesterday. If something you have been working on, doesn’t feel aligned with your path anymore, have the courage to say goodbye! It will help you create space for a new chapter in your life.



You can either operate from the space of the head or from the space of the heart. You know the kind of conversation in which everybody is screaming and nobody is really listening? Those are the perils of letting your ego come in the way. Focus on teamwork. Focus on creating harmony in your world.



A graphic novel installation accompanied by psychedelic trance? Your mind is home to weird and wonderful ideas. The next logical step: finding like-minded individuals who want to share your vision and help you make it a reality.



If you we come back to the same point we were at a while ago, it means we haven’t fully learned the lessons we were meant to. It’s time to uncover a greater truth about yourself. This will help you evolve on your path.



The only thing standing in the way of you and your perfect future are those self-limiting beliefs. Yes, you can have it all. As you weed out the blocks, you make space for the success and abundance you deserve.



Our reality depends on our choices and right now, you are choosing not to see. Take the blindfold off, Libra! Be aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly. This will help you decide whether the circumstances support your growth in anyway. If not, have the courage to move on.



Whether you’re eyeing Prada or Pucci, you’ve learned that nothing is out of your reach. Two words: financial security. You’re done playing playing rookie. It’s time build slowly but surely towards the big dream. Some of you are likely to manifest an opportunity for financial growth through the family.



Time. Also known as world’s best healer. The experiences may be long gone, but some of the negative emotion continue to linger. Give yourself the love you deserve. It’s time to heal the broken parts.



Confrontation vs. conflict. Know the difference. If there is a an unresolved matter that needs to be resolved, make time and space to have the given conversation. What needs to be said needs to be said. Adopt a direct and straightforward approach.



Nothing is more empowering than knowing that you are the source of your own hapiness,. Let your positivity shines through everything you.



The difference between who you were yesterday and who you are now? Belief. Let it help you move mountains and write yet another chapter in your success story.