Horoscope Of The Day (12/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Oh, sweet revenge! You know that the best way to get back at your bullsh*t past is by winning at life. Maximize on the opportunities presented to you. Both happiness and abundance await you on the other side of this. Plus, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy the process.



Innovation. That’s both your superpower and the key to your future. Your visionary ideas set the bar high for the organization. Your next task: to translate this into a step-by-step process so your subordinates can follow. It all comes down to communication and how you get them on board with your ideas. Both success and abundance await you on the other side.



It’s the era of the weird and wonderful. Of cross collaborations that blow your mind and open your heart to endless possibilities. It’s your turn to blur the line between passion and profession. You’re like to manifest serendipitous encounters that support creative expression.



When it comes to relationships, you are able to separate the real from the unreal. You seek the company of those who like you speak the language of love. Enjoy the sense of oneness that comes from being transparent with each other and letting your guard down.



After years and years of hard work, you finally know the loopholes. In the system and in the way you approach it. It’s time to set long-term goals, make course correction, and work relentlessly towards achieving them. So much success and abundance awaits you on this path.



The only thing standing between you and the abundance you seek is you. Stop and think about your relationship with money. Are you carrying any guilt as far as pleasure and consumption are concerned? Resolve to let it go all at once. You will make way for opportunities that support financial growth.



Your relationship with money undergoes a drastic shift. Given that you have certain long-term goals in mind, be willing to cut a few corners. Spend your bills where it is absolutely necessary. In due time, you will be glad you make this course correction.



As somebody who has been in go, go, go mode, you know how important it is to stop and breathe. Give yourself the long pause you need. It’s time to adopt mindful practices.



When you stand in your personal power, it threatens to threaten those around. Recognise where they are operating from. Instead of being harsh with them, adopt a more peaceful approach. As the leader of the pact, it’s up to you to get everybody on board with the mission. How you communicate the vision will determine the course of the mission.



Being trustful is one thing, naive is another. Let your past experiences teach you a thing or two about who can be trusted. That’s the mark of an smart entrepreneur.



Met somebody you felt the creative sparks with? Make art. Make music. Make coffee. Make love. It’s to seek new avenue to express yourself. Working with people who share your crazy vision promises to open new doors for you.



Old patterns repeat themselves on loop.  It all comes down to trust. When you start trusting yourself completely you awaken trust in others. It’s time to give the gift of love and compassion to the unhealed part of your soul.