Is There A Significant Difference Between Heart’s Desire Number, Expression, Life Path Number?

    The interrelation of vibrations is derived from the sum of the numbers in the person’s birth date and the sum of value derived from the letter in the name. This value is believed to represent a great deal about behavior of a person, character, motivations, attitude, purpose in life, hidden talents, future success. Numerologists determine the best time for major moves and activities using these numbers. A person’s numerology chart represents numbers than influence all the facets of personality and phases of life, the life path, heart’s desire and expression numbers combine to make up a complete picture of a person’s personality and to some extent determine destiny, each individual number represent a specific and special part of a person and his/her life.

    Thus, there is a significant difference between the three numbers, explained as follows:-
  • Life Path Number –All the numbers based on your birth date reflect influences and events related to the Path of a person’s Life, they guide a person to the right track. Their effect is similar to landscape and the weather in which you travel, the influences you encounter are very vital. The power of Life Path Numbers is felt externally and they are the most important in the chart. The life path number is a cycle, the longest cycle of a person’s life. Think of their effect as similar to the weather and the landscape you travel through.
  • Expression Number-The expression number shows the physical state of a person, the goal or orientation of life. Numerologists often refer to expression number as destiny since it represents a lifelong target at which a person aims of achieving in life, you work at fulfilling this potential every day in life, achieving a daily goal is the aim. Therefore, the expression number reveals the inner goal of a person, what he/she really yearns to be. Thus, the Expression number reveals your inner goal, the person you aim to be, the talents, abilities and shortcomings. The expression number is derived from the full name at the time of birth(first, middle, last), each letter is given a number corresponding to it in the alphabet, like; the letter A is the first one and is given 1, similarly D is the fourth one and is given 4, likewise for letters that come after the ninth letter and have double digits are reduced to single digit numbers, K is 11th letter and therefore become 1+1= 2.
  • Heart’s Desire Number :- As discussed, expression numbers describe physical state of a person, they describe more of a productive points of a person, Heart’s desire numbers on the other hand reflect and reveal deeper insights; the inner side of the person, they suggest a hidden urge, true motivation, intentions behind many of the actions of a person, the environment and lifestyle a person prefers, the kind of people he/she likes to have around, likes, dislikes. Thus, these numbers more or less influe