Horoscope Of The day (9/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


When life reopens a chapter you closed, stop, rethink and remind yourself of all the reasons this is a terrible idea. The warning sign at the junction reads troubled times ahead.



Are you living in a world of illusions? It's time to separate the real from the unreal. Choose the road that leads you to the truth even if it comes with a side of pain.



What if everything you seek already exists in your reality? Open your eyes (and heart) to the love being offered to you. Don't let self-doubt and self-defeating attitudes come in the way of a beautiful now.



Love, in its most glorious form, comes knocking at your door. Say yes! Is this love limited to one person or directed towards the whole damn Universe. A new level of trust defines your relationships. 



There are many kinds of love in this world. What you share with your partner today had a deeply spiritual quality. A silent strength that needs no words. 



You wake up feeling like you have been hit by a truth bomb. The only thing standing between you and your true purpose: your own fears. They have no basis in reality, your weird and wonderful self-discovery.



Nobody gets to define your idea of your realistic. Or love and commitment. If the love you seek has that quality of forever together, weed out the blocks that stand in its way.



It's a too much plus too much play kinda day. Thank god for the friends who are crazy makes yours seem sane. P.S. Let the wild times roll!



Everybody is going to bring their opinions to the table. You may not like them. You don't have to. Your priority here is to complete the task at hand. It's in your best interest to find an amicable solution and help everybody get along. 



Practice the art of saying no. You might find yourself in the midst of inner conflict if you commit to doing more than you can handle.



Did somebody say wedding bells? You and your beau or somebody in the fam jam talk about writing a beautiful chapter in a book about commitment. For others, celebrating new life could bring them more happiness than anything in the world.



A life a beautiful amalgam of our choices. Some pretty tough ones at that. But taking the road that supports evolution is a decision you have taken consciously.



One minute you're trying to pull each other's shirts off. The next minute you're rolling on the floor laughing. Love is synonymous with playfulness.



Assertion. That's your go-to word. If and when you find yourself caught in the midst of a conflict, don't shy away from putting forth your perspective. And finding a way to get what you believe in doing.