Does Numerology Depend Entirely On A Person’s Date Of Birth?

The numerology chart is mainly based on two aspects- a person’s Date of birth and the name a person gets at the time of birth, however name he/she uses today is also taken into account. Similarly, some numbers in Numerology are derived from the birth date whereas some cycles come from the letters of your name. The birth date is one of the core numbers. Dates are used to calculate one’s destiny, according to Numerology, name and number rule a person. The person is bound to encounter many opportunities and adversities in life depending upon the extent of influence of numbers and name in his/her life. Also, the birth date is representation of a strong force in a person’s life, since it is one factor that is invariable and never changes throughout the person’s life. Each time the name of the person is changed, he/she faces new conditions in life, however the birth path remains the same. The birth date numbers tell the type of people a person is likely to meet and form relationships with, find the most favourable profession.