Vastu Tips For More Earnings And Less Expenditure


Each decorative item symbolizes some component for which Vastu give adept course and arrangement so as to adjust the energies since wrong situation can unquestionably affect health and prosperity of people.
Vastu tips for enriching things are as per the following:

  • Decorative things, for example, antique things made of metal can be continued Southern or Western divider.
  • Wooden objects including wooden almirah, bureau, wooden vase or urn for enrichment must be kept in South-east or North-west.
  • Designer and enlivening pictures of God icons must not be fused on dividers as it is viewed as unfavorable. Pictures and pictures of God in their appropriate structure must be placed on Western divider confronting East or on Southern wall confronting North.
  • Water component beautiful things, for example, drinking fountain, aquarium, or other fashioner things with water must be kept in North-east or North. It is additionally best to continue streaming water in the North-east as it improves riches.
  • Glass objects must be put in Northern or Eastern divider.