Horoscope for 1st June 2018

By: Rashida


It is the start of the month. A great time to take stock of what your work life is. Don't deny the satisfaction that you feel about it. Sure, things could be better, but sometimes it is better to count your smiles than frowns. Work harder on the shortcomings in your work relations; those are the ones who demand the most amount of time of your day. A good time with your partner is in the offing today as well.


Your personal relationships will see beautiful harmony today. Will be very fulfilling and pleasurable. The day may start with some lovely words of appreciation from a loved one. Your finances may seem to be falling short for a bit. If you are looking for some additional funds for investing, it would be advisable to speak to a loved one. If they can, and they see value in what you say, there is a chance they will help you out.


Take a break today. It is a Friday, and an excursion with close friends is what your aura is demanding of you, right now. So, don't ignore the call of nature. You need to spend some time with nature today, even if it is for a few us in the evening. A slight headache may threaten to dampen your mood, nothing that a tall glass of water can't solve.


You are not feeling so great today, are you? The stars suggest that today you wish that you could curl into! Guess what, it is okay! It is okay to want to spend the day on your own. Not looking your dapper self, chilling in pajamas at home, watching romantic movies and gorging on your favorite food. It is cool, go ahead and do it!


The new month starts with a lot of promise. Promises that you need to make to yourself. So, take care of the day by starting to plan your finances more effectively. Yes, you have a large heart, and so you need to make sure that you also work as hard. Ensure you have some savings at the end of the month that you can then plan on investing.


Not a great day for you today. Negativity will be finding its way to you today. So, it is important you keep yourself hydrated. It is not the best day to stay in an air-conditioned room, as it will dehydrate you all the more. Stick to the company of those who you love. Alone time will not be the best thing for you today, so try to keep that to the bare minimum.


Love, or affection, will find its way to you today. For those who are single, you may meet a very promising individual who you may not mind spending more time with in the future. For those in relationships, your relationship will see beautiful flourishing today. If you newly out of a relationship, today, you will learn to love yourself and be reminded of just how beautiful you are.


You have been awfully moody off late, haven’t you? There has been something stressing you out and you refuse to talk about it. Your personal relationships are getting crushed under the weight of your stress. It is time you start talking about it. A little bit of exercise and meditation will help you exert the excessive negative energy. Sex works wonders too.


Today doesn’t look like a very appealing day for you. So let us warn you so that you are prepared for you. You have been pushing yourself too hard off late, and the frustration it causes is showing in your behavior. You will feel a little insecure about how you are being perceived. But you need to remember that only our actions are in our control, how others perceive us isn’t!


Don’t forget that there is no setback that you cannot overcome. Yestoday will be a tough day. But you need to remember that you are tougher than that. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. Keep faith in you, faith goes a long way!


June is about to start. With your connection with nature, you will see a strong sign from nature that will tell you how good this month will be for you. Appreciation from those working with you will brighten your spirits. Don't let it go to your head though; you still can't afford to get complacent about anything.


The negative run will continue today. How about taking a day off work, and spending it with close friends. Indulging in alcohol will not be the best thing today. It is depressant that will bring down your mood even more, and it will rub off on your friends as well. Seeing them enjoy, nonetheless, will replenish your positivity as well.