Horoscope for 25th May 2018


By: Rashida

Aries: It is Friday, and you cannot but feel excited. Someone you met recently may be running in your mind. For those who are in a relationship, it could be related to work. For the singles, looks like love is around the corner. So play your cards right.

Taurus: It is the last weekend of May, and your buddies just can’t seem to be getting enough of you. Sometimes, friends are the only medium to introduce you to love. So heed the call, and walk. They may not seem perfect at first, but nor are you.

Gemini: There may be a little fixing up work for you today. Yes, others make the mistakes and you are left correcting them. Keep your patience, dear Gemini. They are called mistakes because they are not made on purpose. It would bode well for you to remember that.

Cancer: Take out time this evening to catch up with some close friends. While family is ultimate, one needs to spend some senseless time with friends. It can fulfil your soul in many ways. A friend may need your help, be there for them, that is your purpose today.

Leo: You are winning at work today, because you are being pragmatic about what you commit. You may need to work a little over the weekend. And if you think you already have too much planned, you can try to say no. Your peace of mind is of prime importance right now.

Virgo: Work is going to be the last thing on your mind today, dear Virgo. There is someone from the past who is haunting your thoughts. It is like they are running in your mind, but you aren’t in theirs and that is a first for you. Calm down Virgo, when people move on, it is a good thing.

Libra: Today will be a mayhem crazy day. Work and family will both be very demanding of you. The only solace being that the weekend is around the corner. You need to remember that schedules and do-to lists help. Sometimes confrontations are good. So, stand your ground.

Scorpio: Lots to do today Scorpio, and all of it may not be pleasant. But for your passion, sometimes you need to take tough and ugly decision. That is just the way things are. Don’t sweat it, take it in your stride. A loved one will be around to hold your hand when need be.

Sagittarius: Stay calm today. Your sexual energy is on a high. For those who are in relationships, you can take this opportunity to align yourselves to each other. Those who are single may just need to spend some times meditating and calming the God of Lust!

Capricorn: You still need guidance on how to handle all the emotions and deal with the rest of the world while you are at it. First of all, stop isolating yourself. Go out and socialize. Call up and old friend and catch up for coffee or a movie. Sometimes, that is all you need.

Aquarius: Entertainment seems to be very fond of you, dear Aquarius. You may find yourself going out for a movie with friends, or simply sitting at a café and talking. If this happens, do it. You have been focusing far too much on work off-late. This break is much needed.

Pisces: Today is a day of taking in all that the world has to offer. Be an observer today; that is the role you need to play. Don’t try to show your uniqueness, rather blend in and learn about it. Meeting friends in the evening will be on the cards.