Horoscope for 21st May 2018


By: Rashida

Aries: Looks like this week is starting for you in a great way. Expect very good news coming to you from an unexpected source. Yes, it will require you to take on some more responsibilities, but it will also be a great way for you to learn a lot more. Don’t shy away from it, keep faith in yourself.

Taurus: You have been working very hard on a concept for a while now, dear Taurus. Today you see results starting to peak. We aren’t saying that you will see the results you want today, but you will see a positive climb on the graph. Don’t overthink it, keep working like you have and you will surely see it succeed.

Gemini: Your week seems like it has a slightly dicey start, dear Gemini. Focus on investing your energy in the most productive areas today. Choose where your passions lie and go with your instincts. While the start of the week tends to get you down, it is strongly recommended that you focus on the silver lining to the dark cloud!

Cancer: Dear Cancer, today is the kind of day you don’t like to read much about. The stars don’t reveal any exciting secrets for you today. However, you shall receive joy via a loved one today. It is your turn to be there for a loved one, in their moment of exhilaration. Don’t wallow in the fact that it may take their attention away from you for a while. They will come back!

Leo: Dedicated as always, today is a good day for you. There has been something you have been working on for a while. That project is soon to see fruition and you shall see signs of it happening today! However, your health may see a little bit of a tweak today. A headache or slight stomach upset is possible. Avoid food, and keep yourself cool and hydrated.

Virgo: There has been a dilemma that you have been battling in your mind. It is time you discuss it with someone. Ensure that this person has nothing to gain from whatever your decision may be. The heat seems to be getting to you. It is recommended that you keep yourself well hydrated to keep the energy channel smooth.

Libra: It has been a very unique weekend, and you could end up spending the whole day overthinking things. It is in your control to either do it or not. While there is nothing wrong with spending some time with fantasy, it is a lot more fun living in reality. More so, overthinking has a tendency to give you a headache, and you don’t want that.

Scorpio: The heat seems to be getting to you. Hydration is the key to maintain your elements and faculties in this weather. The humidity is making you frustrated, which is why some relationships may seem strained. Note that not everyone is as driven and passionate as you are. So cut them some slack, things will be better soon.

Sagittarius: The stars suggest that today is going to be the kind of Monday that you love. There has been a contract that you have been waiting on for a while. Today would be a great day to act on getting it signed. Your energy is strong in the positive, and it is strongly recommended that you put it to the best use.

Capricorn: Not your day today Capricorn! The stars are in a particularly challenging mood for you. While you will see results for your actions today, you need to put in a lot more effort. We would recommend using today to plan the week ahead and keep all the schedules and lists in place. That is what you will be most succinct at today.

Aquarius: Mondays are your favorite days of the week, and this Monday seems to love you right back. You may have a slightly weak start to the day, due to a headache or a little bit of indigestion. A quick pill will put it to ease. Other than that, don’t forget to invest a little bit of time on your art. Your soul needs it to replenish its energies.

Pisces: Today is a great day for you. Love and admiration will find its way to you today. Be it from an existing partner, or a love letter from a secret admirer. You will have flattery and love pouring in today. It is not in your nature to let yourself get carried away, but distancing yourself from flattery will be the need of the hour to keep your chakras aligned.