Horoscope Of 12 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: How are you feeling about yourself today? It’s the kind of day where you have to remind yourself about your self-worth. Looking at yourself in the mirror is usually a good start. Where have you reached?

Taurus: A trip down memory lane may just happen today. Do it without hesitation and try to heal the feelings it brings up in you. This will correct many present time situations to your absolute surprise, Taurus.

Gemini: Your wishes are coming true love. What you have been longing for is getting closer. To speed up the process, just stop creating the distance by seeing it far away. Change your present experience of it, TODAY!

Cancer: There is a lot of old painful emotion stored in your heart and its hurts. You often go back to it. Today is the day you allow yourself to release it and yourself to heal, beloved Cancer.  

Leo:  You are multitalented and want to do so much, all at once. Awesome. But right now is the time to focus on one primary goal or aim that you think is the most urgent to achieve. Focus.

Virgo: Today is the day you take care of yourself. Just relax and do NOTHING. Stare at a wall or sit under a tree or just got to the beach. Not even a spa day. JUST TURN OFF!

Libra: It’s a day to be happy. It’s a simple task. Do everything today that has always made you happy and makes you happy even now. If you feel something… trust it and follow it through Libra.

Scorpio: our family and friends need you to take a stand in their favor today. The crack in the fabric of the relationships need mending and you are the one to do it. Uniting everyone one is a victory!

Sagittarius: What is making you so very anxious today and why? You know it is not going to help. Take the time to observe it and deal with it. Use lavender oil or breathe to calm your nerves.

Capricorn: There is possibly a different feeling you are getting into your body for the past few days. This is just your body adjusting to the natural energies of the planet. You are not alone in this process.

Aquarius: You are being called upon to help and guide people. This may not be what you know about yourself to do. But there is a shift occurring and you are tapping into knowledge you have always had.

Pisces: Communication is the key to a successful today for you Pisces. Share your ideas and allow the others to share theirs too. You are not always right, but you can see that not can’t you? Be open.