Horoscope Of 11 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Whatever is going on around you does not have the power to affect you if you do not allow it. You are in control of your own feelings and thoughts. Its time you recognized it, Fiery Aries.

Taurus: Your request for help is being answered. You asked and it is coming for you. Open your arms and your heart to the help. It may be a little different than you expected. But it’s help.

Gemini: There was something that you have wanted to set right in your life. In other words you have wanted to HEAL an aspect. Today is the day it come to you. The healing you have asked for.

Cancer: Are there people around you who have been trying to help you but something’s just not right? These are people you can actually trust. They are God sent. Can you trust yourself to have the help you want?

Leo: Your loved ones in heaven are re assuring you about your present situation. They are making sure everything goes just right for you, here, today. They know you will be just fine! Stay in gratitude, Leo.

Virgo: You need to do a deep cleaning in your life right now. Purify every aspect with the best intentions and the motivation of an arrow. People, spaces, experiences… all the negatives just NEED to leave right away. TODAY!

Libra: It is safe for you to express your original ideas today. Do not be held back by the thought of being judged. Be aware of any kind if dis ease in the head area, specially the forehead.

Scorpio: Did you make a commitment or a promise to anyone, even yourself that you are in the danger of breaking? Stop. You can do this and you have nothing to fear. You are capable of it, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: You will have an opportunity for a new beginning today and it will take you much higher then you had expected to go. Rise from your current position and make the most of this bright blessing, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: You are a beautiful being and it is time u realized this. Stop doubting yourself because of recent experiences. It will all pass if you see what a beautiful and powerful being u truly are, Capricorn.

Aquarius: You are a teacher and really good at it too. It does not have to be a job… it can be just the way you are, that inspires people. Simply share your ideas and thoughts with people.

Pisces: You are being reminded to smile a LOT more today. You seem to be spending too much time in the frown stages off late. Smile and see the difference it is going to make for everyone around too.