Horoscope Of 7 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Its feels like you can use some chatter today. It’s important to tell a friend about your feelings today so that you feel lighter and think better. Don’t keep up the tough exterior appearance. Communicate openly.

Taurus: Your parents are sending you a lot of love. They have much to teach and give. It will be awesome if you took the time to spend with them today even if you already do. A Little more.

Gemini: You seem to be in two minds about something. Today you can take the time to stop and decide. Tick the pro’s and con’s and come to a conclusion that you will stick with. It’s not as difficult.

Cancer: Discharge your stress magnet! You do not need to attract another’s stress and carry it. Drop the unnecessary burdens. Breathe it out or do some physical work. Go see a film or do a spa day, Cancer.

Leo: You have to recognize yourself. Today, get acquainted with every bit of YOU. This includes the dark sides too. Don’t shy away from them for within them you will find the light you WANT to have.

Virgo: There is a message for you in the history of your family. Today, take the time to sit with your elders and listen to the stories they have to share. You will learn of relevant patterns over generations.  

Libra: Hurrying up with this situation may not be the best solution. Sleep on it and in the morning you will have a much better and clearer idea about how to go ahead with it. Sleep Tight Libra!

Scorpio: What are you angry about and who are you blaming for it? How is that affecting your body? STOP and take a look. Try to work on forgiving yourself and the other in this situation today.

Sagittarius: You are being reassured that everything is just fine in this situation. Don’t try to control or work things out. Just sit back and observe what is happening. You will know when to reach and how, instinctively.

Capricorn: Do something that you have been curious about for a while today. Play with this new idea and have fun with it. Be sure to learn or re-learn something. Open up to being surprised and enjoying yourself.

Aquarius: It’s not the day to rush in anything. What you are planning is perfect. It only needs baby steps and also one careful step at a time. This is make you dream manifest faster Aquarius. Just ground.

Pisces: What did you leave unfinished recently? It’s time to go ahead and finish it TODAY. This will free your mind and energy to move forward to the next thing you actually have to do dear Pisces.