Horoscope Of 5 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: You seem to be adamant about looking at the negative today. STOP! Just look at what else can, be happening if you turn your head towards the positive. It’s definitely an effort for you. But make it.

Taurus: Forgiveness is the call of the moment for you. The situation will improve greatly once you start focusing on what you need. Your mental and emotional health need, prime importance today. Letting go, sometimes keeps you sane.

Gemini: A romantic time is mentioned for you and this is going to be a beautiful experience. Let yourself be swept away. Or plan it to such detail that you sweep the other away completely. Leave no stone unturned.

Cancer: Have you forgotten the power of daydreaming? Have you become very practical and mind oriented? Allow the flow to engulf you again. Drop into the heart Cancer. That is your home. Get creative all over again.

Leo: The fears you have about this situation, possibly come from your family or a specific family member. Step out of it and know that it is safe for you to be expressive and loving. Experience love today.

Virgo: Go back to the energy of innocence. Know that any kind of emotion like blame, anger or guilt do not belong to you. Do not accept them or point them at another person. Live in the peace.

Libra: Being by yourself is again an important theme today. If you have work to do or decisions to make, make them yourself. You are better today when you work by yourself. Your friends will understand your situation.

Scorpio: You seem to be guided to change your direction in life or a certain aspect of it. Be sure that your guidance is taking you on the right path. Follow the new guidance with gratitude. There is Joy.

Sagittarius: You have been carrying around your past experiences for a while now. Today is the day you drop them. Keep the learning with your heart so you can come back to it again and again. Move forward now.

Capricorn: You are being advised to LISTEN today. Others have valuable messages for you. But for that, you have to quieten your mind and become open to receive. A relaxed mind and body receive guidance the best, Capricorn.  

Aquarius: Having confidence in the world outside is easy. Having it for the self is not. Today, you are needed to go within and find that confidence. Now, remember its always there and work from it. You are supported.

Pisces: Spend time outside today. Look after your lungs so you can receive more oxygen. Open the curtains in the house and give up on the air conditioner for the day. Spend time with plants and water to refresh.