Horoscope Of 3 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Staying optimistic is the energy for today. Please do not slip into the pessimistic space as that will manifest. The things you want will come to you. All u have to do is welcome them, openly.

Taurus: There is an important issue that stems from differences in beliefs, especially religious beliefs. Traditions and customs are different and these need to be upheld and respected by both parties. There are no exceptions here Taurus.

Gemini: There is a possibility you have already met the right person or done the right work for your life. The idea today is to realize when and what. If something comes up today. It could be THE thing!

Cancer: You are hardworking Cancer, but today is the time to just sit back and see this unfold naturally. Let go of the control issues you harbor and all shall be fine. No need to take charge.

Leo: Today it is telling you to take a break go on a small break with your loved one. It could be anyone. Make everything feel warm and fuzzy. Express your emotions and allow the others too.

Virgo: When you were a child, life was so simple. Go back to that phase of simplicity in your life. Spend time with children. If you are planning on having one, consider this a sign. Allow them in.

Libra: Today is the time to disconnect from the world of your issues. Retreat in your own space. If nothing has a Staycation in your own house. You will benefit from a little silence. Listen to your inner being.

Scorpio: When you expect something for another, look within and see if you give yourself that. Today you will have to be honest about what you expect for the self and what you give the self. Be honest with yourself.

Sagittarius: Sometimes you have to be Assertive and make your point heard. Your position today needs you to take charge and speak up. Be strong and be truthful about your expression and all will fall into place, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: You can have international acclaim today. Even if it a small mention on a blog. This has happened with the kind of dedicated progress you have created in your life. These are your rewards. Congratulations Capricorn, Celebrate!

Aquarius: Today is your lucky day. You are well guided and will not even have to think about it. Make the most of the ideas you have and the impulses you feel today they will be the RIGHT ones.

Pisces: You are on the right track today. Follow through and you will be in the right place in no time. You are being helped, whether you know it or not. It’s all being looked after for you.