Horoscope Of 2 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Take nothing too seriously today. It’s the time to figure out how things can potentially progress and if you are a good fit for them. There are many options. You have to make a choice. Have fun.

Taurus: Take a closer look at all your associations today. Who out of them is wearing a mask and who is truly who they are? There is a chance of deception today is you are unaware Taurus.

Gemini: It looks like you are working on a phase of addictions. What are you addicted to? Is it physical, emotional or mental? Can you ask for help to get out of this today? Take care beloved Gemini.

Cancer: Things are becoming even more serious. What you were just flirting with is becoming a permanent feature in your life. Be it work or a relationship, it’s all moving to the next level. Commit to this progress.

Leo: Good News is here! Very soon you are going to have what you want and possibly wanted for a while now. The only advice is to get crystal clear about what it truly is. No space for confusion anymore.

Virgo: It’s a day of receiving help from the people closest to you. Your friends and family will play an important part in the day and your ability to find what you are looking for. You have support.

Libra: It looks like you are going through some trust issues today. Ask yourself if you are able to find that trust within yourself first. What is causing you to distrust another? Work on resolving this for good. NOW!

Scorpio: You seem to be feeling things that you are not believing, in the current situation. But your feelings are real and worth look at. Explore them and give them an opportunity to express themselves. Romance of otherwise.

Sagittarius: Communication is the key to your day. Have a heart to heart with the people that you are a little strained with or need clarity with. Honesty and openness are what will take you there today, Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Something or someone new, will catch your attention today. Pay close attention to what it brings up to you and how you react. Are you excited to encounter the new and follow it, Capricorn? Adventure anyone?

Aquarius: What you are dealing with today is deeply rooted in your family’s past. Healing this past will heal the issues you are going through right now. Use forgiveness and love to move forward from here and stay ahead.

Pisces: Expressing your love to another is safe. Open your heart and be honest about what is holding you back or bothering you. You may be happily surprised at the reaction you get from people today Pisces.