Horoscope Of 1 May


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Today, involves some kind of a merger. Be it a wedding or finalizing a job or a house. But the merger will be a happy one. The union here promises to last for a long time.

Taurus: If you are feeling trapped, know that the way to get out is more obvious than you can imagine. Just open your eyes to your surroundings and you will see it right there. Take back your control.  

Gemini: Looks like you are looking for the perfect fit today. Looking will be one thing, have the confidence to call upon it. Be it a relationship or the perfect pair of jeans. Put the intention out there.

Cancer: Your finances and your career are changing pace. It looks like it is for the better right now. Go with the flow and you will know when to stop, turn or accelerate. Welcome, change with open arms.

Leo: Something’s are worth waiting for Leo. If you are in doubt today, it is the time to escape all of it and be sure. What you have been waiting for is the right thing for you.  

Virgo: You are being cautioned against things in the current situation today. Pay attention to the signs that you are getting, be they obvious or subtle. Find the time to decode them. Not doing it can be troublesome.

Libra: If you are drawing from an experience in the past, let go of it. This is a different time. Even if the experience seems to be the same. The more you let it go the easier now becomes.  

Scorpio: Remember, today, and every day, you are deserving of what you desire. If not, start working on it and make yourself deserving in your own eyes. Are you ready for the shift it will bring you?

Sagittarius: What will come to you may not be in the form you want it to. But it is still what you wanted and no you will have it. Celebrate it and enjoy it. Just keep an open mind.

Capricorn: What you have known seems to be coming back to you. It may be a person, a thing or a pattern. It’s best resolved now because it will keep returning until you have learned from it.

Aquarius: This is an opportunity of a lifetime for you. Do whatever it is that you must, to keep it. It is what you have been waiting to find and now you have it. Celebrate the love.

Pisces: This is the very situation you have wanted. You have known all along, it is right for you and will make things easier and better. Make sure you don’t lose it. It’s like finding a soul mate.