Horoscope Of 25 April


By: Pushtiie

Aries: There could be some uncertainty regarding your finances today. But there is help available to you already if you get it. Look at how your work is going to function from now on. Let it settle.

Taurus: Looks like there is way too much happening at the same time. Above that, you need to make decisions. A good way to work through this is to be more playful about it and have fun.

Gemini: Someone new has a chance to enter your life today. Be in a romantic setting or on the work front. A new phase will begin and you will have a surprising shift in perception. Be ready.

Cancer: Your tenderhearted patient and loving nature will help a relationship develop to a new level. Trust your gut about the situation. It’s time to care for yourself and others. Allow your empathy to envelop everyone, Cancer!

Leo: You don’t have to accept every invitation, to every fight you are given. Choose your meetings wisely and stand up for your beliefs. Do not waste your time on things that will not yield results today.

Virgo: There is a lot of NEW coming into your life today. The challenge you have been waiting for will finally come to you. If you want to study something further, it’s a good day to decide.

Libra: Consider with a lot of care what you want before you commit to anything today. Listen to your intuition and fall back on the wisdom you have gathered from your experiences, until today. Trust your gut!

Scorpio: Your emotional and material needs are met for right now. Your family and other relationships will prove very satisfying. There is an air of trust around you today. Spend time with loved ones and celebrate it.

Sagittarius: Keep the interest going in everything around you today lest you miss an interesting new opportunity for growth. Don’t let discontent and boredom set into your life. This may take some effort but it is necessary for you.

Capricorn: IT is an end of a phase on your life. You have already entered the new experience. Give it a chance and know that it will be a transformative experience for you. Move on from the old.

Aquarius: Continue to move forward with what you have been perusing recently. You are on the right track and have finally come into your own. New partnerships and contracts will make the way forward clearer for you.  

Pisces: You are about to get public recognition and reach a mark of achievement you have wanted to for a while. Your self-discipline and willpower are the support systems that have got you this far. Keep on it.