Horoscope Of 22 April


By: Pushtiie

Aries: It’s a new beginning in the area of the heart. Be it a relationship or work, there is a lot of emotion going to be involved today. Whatever you do, tap into the overflow of love.

Taurus: Sometimes when things turn upside down is when they make a new sense. It’s the day to look at things with a new perspective and let go of the old one. Sacrifice is a big word.

Gemini: What is gone is gone. But there are still things that remain. Honestly, the things that are still around are the ones that will take you far. Start with noticing what you do have now, Gemini.

Cancer: You have the energy to go right into the situation today. But make yourself conscious of how long you can sustain this kind of input. Calm down and know what you are offering and how much.

Leo: You may feel like being the silent observer today. Yet, you need to participate in life. There is no need for massive action and yet being involved is important. Remember people’s boundaries before you approach them.

Virgo: You know that the ultimate magic is the belief you have in yourself. Today is the day you remind yourself of this power. You can work with the flow of life and the waves it creates.

Libra: Keep the balance of the giving and receiving today. The ego will not allow you to be open to getting, but don’t tilt the balances. Your achievements mean a lot too. Share the happiness to grow it.

Scorpio: A new path is to be chosen now. Either side of the road will be fine, but extreme. You can have the benefits of both is you just decide to take the middle path. Ponder a while.

Sagittarius: Preconceived notions and not the keep observation of life may taint your decisions, today. Even though you have a sharp mind, it is important to know what is happening in the heart. Get in touch with both.

Capricorn: Sometimes solitude is the energy you need to complete the work at hand. A small trip out of the present surroundings may give you that freedom. You are very close to your goal. Stay at it.

Aquarius: The power you have in your hands can be used in different ways. How you decide to use it today will determine the result of the situation. Can you be more fatherly than authoritative Aquarius?

Pisces: Cut yourself off from the bondage of grief and grant yourself the freedom you crave. It is very close at hand. Your ability to take clear decisions are the ones that take you to the top.