Horoscope Of 21 April


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Everything is moving to a much better place now. The worse is behind you and the sailing is going to be smooth here on. You also have the kind of guidance you truly need Aries.

Taurus: Have you left anything lying around and forget about it? There is a chance that something important may go missing or even be stolen. Keep things, ideas, emotions, everything, in the right place today Taurus.

Gemini: You are becoming a slave to your own mental patterns. The issues you are seeing are only in your mind. Slow down and you will see the solutions to this situation easily. Nothing to worry about.

Cancer: It’s a day of rest and recuperation. Let the mind, most importantly, rest and rejuvenate. Not need to plan and act today. Just be. The work can happen tomorrow. Silence is important for your being, Cancer.

Leo: Time to take stock of the present situation. What all do you have and how best can you make it work for yourself? What do you need to change around for things to yield the best results?

Virgo: You may have to force a few things. The energy around you may feel like it is compelling you to do something. You have the tools and can make the most of it today. Go manifest!

Libra: The authority you hold needs to be put to great use today. If you are the head of an institution or are going to be made one, it’s time to get less rigid and more loving.

Scorpio: If there is confusion, go into it completely. Do not try to hold yourself back from the hurt you may feel. Mentally alienating yourself will not solve this situation. Participate in it and you will heal.

Sagittarius: Togetherness is an important energy you want to associate yourself with. This will bring happiness and a certain fulfillment. The family will play a major role in today’s day. Can you spend all of today with them?

Capricorn: Mastery brings ease in the most difficult situations. If you are floundering, remember your mastery needs a little more work. Pay attention to the love and the details in this situation. These will get you through.

Aquarius: Nostalgia is a lovely emotion to experience if the memories are good. Otherwise, it can be a burden we are carrying. To change the feeling of it, see the brighter side today. Go back home, Aquarius.

Pisces: Tap into your ability to be passionate and strong while you be tender and loving all at the same time. There is a world of protection for you that will stand you the minute you ask.